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Put on your Tag [necklace sign], Tat [temporary tattoo] and/or Style every day with Climate Action Words and Symbols [CAWS] to call on others to join you in actions that help stop the monster heatwaves, floods, wildfires and hurricanes.

Some of our fave Climate Action Words and Symbols [CAWS].

Dedicate 24% to Save Earth
Dedicate 24% of Your Time to Save Our Planet
Invest 24% of Your Income to Save Our Dying Biosphere
Less Fossil Fuels = Less Extinction
Less Materialism = Less Climate Disasters = More Fun
Climate Change = Mass Murder
Less Fossil Fools = Less Extinction
More Frugality = Less Heatwaves

[More CAWS for your Tags, Tats and Style are on the FlashBlock, Rebel, Strike page.]

Rep your fave Climate Action Words and Symbols [CAWS].

Make a Climate Action Tag [necklace sign] by writing your fave Climate Actions Words and/or Symbols on a piece of paper or paper board, and then use one or two binder clips to attach it to a string necklace. Or, write your Tag on half of a piece of paper, then fold the Tag in half, and hang it on the necklace, lanyard or some other long necklace.
Make a Climate Action Tat [temporary tattoo] by writing your fave Climate Actions Words on your skin - with body paint, ballpoint pens, markers or eyeliner. Ballpoint pen ink is non-toxic by law.
Make a Climate Action Style by writing your fave Climate Actions Words on your Clothing, Flag, Bandana or Bracelet or using ballpoint pens, markers, paint or embroidery.
Make Climate Action Media by including your fave Climate Actions Words in any music, art, videos, articles, stories, social posts and other media that you make.
Add your fave Climate Actions Words [CAWS] to your Signature or Name when you are writing a post or something online, or on paper.

Even more Tag ideas are at Extinction Rebellion [.org], Sierra Club [.org], Sunrise Movement [.org], and on our XOE Environmental Quotes page.


Make a Climate Action Tag [necklace sign] by writing your fave Climate Actions Words and/or Symbols [CAWS] on a piece of paper or paper board, and then use one or two binder clips to attach it to a string necklace. This is my [Stele] fave way to rep my Tags.

Another way to make a necklace Tag is by writing your fave Climate Action on 1/2 [or 1/4] of a letter sized piece of thick paper, and then fold the paper in half [or in quarters]. Then hang your climate action Tag over a 14 inch necklace that you make or already have, or attach it to a lanyard.

Your Tag can be worn as your 'eco logical body sign' all day in your community, at work, at play and at school.

*Less Gasoline = Less Climate Monsters*, or, *Less Meat = Less Wildfires*, or, *Less Plastic = Less Extinction* are examples of a climate change actions that can be written on your Tag. Other ideas for your Tags are on the FlashBlock Rebel Strike page.

A smallish quarter page Tag is a nice size for a wearable climate change action message sign. Plus, copies of that little tag can be used as a flyer that you can give out.

A small necklace Tag can be made with a 6.5 X 3 piece of paper, and a necklace. When it is folded it becomes a 3.25 X 3 Tag on the necklace.

Our 6.5 X 3 XOEarth Awards make nice small Tags. Then when peeps ask about your Tag, you can award the environmental award to them if they state a Climate Action they have taken, and/or state a Climate Action they promise to take. Send us a self-addressed envelope and we [probably Stele] will send you some 6.5 X 3 XOEarth Awards for free. Or, if you donate via XOEarth Paypal or Venmo along with your address, we will send you some XOEarth Awards that can be turned into your 3 X 2.5 Tags.

A big necklace Tag can be made the same way with a manila folder or a heavy piece of paper, and a necklace. Use one or two binder clips to hold it on the necklace. Again, this is Stele's fave.

To make a big folded necklace Tag write your Climate Change Action message on 1/2 of the paper, fold it, and then hanging it over a longer string necklace that is about 14.5" inches long. The folded paper can be flipped up to show the other 3 sides - so one Tag can have 4 Climate Actions on it! If you want to, put a paper clip, binder clip or clothespin on the bottom of the Tag to keep the folder flat.

One way to make the necklace is to take a 54" 3mm cord, yarn or string, and then tie the ends together with one sliding knot. This length necklace goes around the neck twice - so it is a double 14 inch stranded necklace. The single knot makes it easier to pull off the necklace if gets pulled on or caught on something while it is being worn. So, using only one sliding knot to attach the ends makes the necklace safer.

Stele's fave sliding knot is the "nail knot" because it lies down so nicely - see animatedknots.com /nailknot/index.php. See also jewelrymakingjournal.com adjustable-sliding-knot-necklace-tutorial. This sliding knot is easier to tie though kernowcraft.com /jewellery-making-tips /beading-and-threading-techniques-and-advice/how-to-make-a-sliding-knot. See pic on right.

A landyard, shoelace, string, yarn, ribbon or cord can be used to make the necklace.

Other ways to attach a Tag to the necklace is with a safety pin, a clothespin or a binder clip. [Oh yeah, I mentioned the binder clip way but I love the binder clip way.] Of course, a hole in the middle top of the Tag [sign] to run the necklace through works too.

A ball-cap hat can represent a Tag too. One way is to make a little 6 X 2.5 hat Tag is to attach it to the underside of the hat's bill with a binder clip[s] or clothespin. Then flip the hat's bill up to show your Tag. Other hat styles can rep Tags [and Flags] too. See pic right.

Share pics of your Tags via Facebook or Twitter and add #XOEarth. Email or message us at XOEarth Facebook to make sure we see your Tag so we can share it too.


Body paint, ballpoint pens and eyeliner are good for Climate Change Action tattoos on the skin as they are non-toxic by law.

Put on your Climate Action Tat to inspire others to join us in actions for planet and peace and to be become a hero for millions of life-forms.

Blue and green eyeliner make great temporary tattoos for the face - according to XOEarth Man.

Non-toxic water based pastels can make temporary tattoos too.

Although permanent markers can be used to make Climate Action tattoos, they are toxic to varying degrees.

Every day each of us has either a positive or negative effect on the environmental actions of others. By showing our environmental commitments in public known, we are also taking a stand against the parts of our society, business and government that are killing the environment and our home.

More Tat ideas are at XOEarth FlashBlock Rebel Strike and Environmental Quotes .


Wear your Climate Action Style [Clothing, Flags, Bandanas or Bracelets] every day to show you are taking action to save our sweet biosphere and to invite others to join you.

Putting on your Climate Action Tag also pushes back against the flood of materialistic ads and logos that are brainwashing our society and selling junk that is killing our home.

Permanent markers or acrylic paints are usually the best for making your Climate Action Style.

If you want to hand-make a bandana or flag, write some eco art, a message or a design onto a piece of non-stretchy, light-colored cotton fabric from an old shirt, sheet, or other clothing, with permanent markers. Some permanent markers run or fade. Tacking the fabric to a piece of cardboard can make writing the message easier.

Make Climate Action Style ::
• To wear on your head or clothing.
• For your backpack or t-shirt.
• For your work, party and formal clothes.
• To fly in your yard and beyond.
• For your front home window or a car.

Take a picture of your Climate Action Style and share it with others on our XOEarth Facebook page.

Check out these websites that include some great pictures for other flags and signs. Greenpeace, Sierra Club, NRDC, and Environmental Defense.

Getting your friends and family together to make Climate Action Style can be a great way to inform, motivate and have fun.

We welcome anyone who creates an enviro-media Climate Action Style to post it on XOEarth Facebook page to help inspire others to make one too.

Wear your Climate Action Style at home, at work, on your gear, and on other belongings. Join us and other citizens that are taking a visible stand in public for the protection of our planet and for a sustainable peace.

When washing clothes with a Climate Change Action message on them, avoid overloading the washer so the clothes can move around freely. This keeps the color from transferring from one part of the clothing to another.

More Style ideas are at XOEarth FlashBlock Rebel Strike and Environmental Quotes.


Simple. Be brave for the planet Earth. Write and draw your fave Climate Change Actions and CAWS on your fave clothes.

Regular oil-based ballpoint pens, permanent markers and acrylic paint all work on clothing. Water-based rollerballs and gel pens often do not work so well because they may fade and wash out of clothing.

More ideas are on the Environmental Quotes page and the FlashBlock Rebel Strike page.


To make and fly a Climate Change Action Flag [or patch] to pin or sew on your clothing, write one of your fave Climate Actions on a piece of non-stretchy fabric or canvas. Add some art too if you would like.

You can also fly your Flag on your backpack, bag or briefcase, on an Earth flag, in your front yard, in your front window, on your bike, on a car that you are in or have, at work, and anywhere else to help inform and motivate your community.

Pinning an 8 inch square message Flag [or a patch or tag] on a full sized 'Earth flag' [in the middle of the Earth] is an excellent way to make a multi-purpose protest and activist tool. The Flag on an Earth flag can be worn on one's back [like a sideways cape, cloak or shawl], held up with two hands, hung on a railing, fence, rod or dowel, or worn as a skirt or toga. It's easy to carry in a pocket or bag. That's why the Flag on an Earth flag is one of Stele's favorite message props. Check out the pics of the Flag on an Earth flag on this page.

Whether you are at work, home or play, flying several Flags on a line in prayer-flag style is a powerful way to invite friends and neighbors to join in positive actions for our planet. A lot of Climate Actions, environmental issues, governmental actions or environmental campaigns can be put on a line on several flags.

Flags that call for specific action may be the best motivators. But flags with general messages such as "One Planet, One Future", "We All Live Downstream", "Earth Patriot", "Good Planets Are Hard To Find", and "Live Simply That Millions May Simply Live" are good too.

You can attach a Flag to a cord or string and then tie it between two poles or trees (prayer-flag style) or attached to a diagonal flagpole. "Middle of the string" loop knots that can be tied to the corners of the flags include the clove hitch, the better rolling hitch, and the strong, tightest constrictor hitch. To create an adjustable knot that you can to tie the two ends to a pole check out the midshipmans hitch/tautline.

A postcard sized sign can be mounted like a flag on a chopstick or a straw by using a small binder clip, tape or paper clip. Or by making 2 small holes in the sign and threading the chopstick through the holes. See pic right.

A little flag can also be mounted a fork, by weaving the card in and out of the tines. See pic right.

So fly your eco flags today and team up with other planet defenders as well.

If you make a good looking Flag, take a picture and share it with others on our XOEarth Facebook page.


Bracelets and anklets can be made from various fabrics. Draw a Climate Actions on the floppy ends.

A good way to make Bracelets is to spin a green and a blue piece of yarn together and then tie the ends. To determine the yarn lengths, stretch the yarn from the heart to the hand of the person for which the bracelet is being made for, while saying, "this bracelet helps connect your heart knowledge to your hands actions".

Another way to make Bracelets and necklaces is to cut old blue or green t-shirt or other fabric or material into strips about 1/2 meter long and 50 millimeters wide. Spin the material a few times so it is rope like. Then tie the ends together with a square knot. The bracelet will go around the wrist two to four times.

A way to use shorter stretchy strips of material is to use a single overhand slip-knot to tie the ends together. Then pull on the unknotted end of the material to tighten it around a wrist.

Another way to make a nice, soft Bracelet is to wrap and tie a blue, green or multicolored knitting ribbon around the wrist. Soft, flexible ribbon can be found at knitting stores, and sometimes at fabric and crafts stores.

To make T.I.E. Bracelets to show when you are totally committed to choosing the most environmental options available. Check out the T.I.E. [Totally Eco On] page.

Bracelets that go around the wrist or neck 4 times can represent the 4 basic ways to help the Earth -- Team, Art, Logic and Love -- from the XOEarth Accord.


When writing blogs, emails, text messages and other wordsy things, add a climate change action, quote, eco org, XOE or XOXOE to your signature [sig] to show that you take an eco action every day.

Signature flavors can show that you like to take specific eco actions. For example, the XOecofx sig shows that you estimate the ecofx of products to see if the personal benefit outweighs the environmental impact. See XOEarth ecofx for more.

Add your name inside the O to make a rad XO signature or autograph. Put your XO signature on letters or things. Also, give people your XO signature for doing nice things for the planet.

Other sig flavors might be XOEBike, XOE, XOEarth and XOXOEarth.

So represent all of your eco sig flavors so people that see the eco actions that you are recommending every day.

Help your friends draw, paint or sew their Climate Action messages or a blue or green XO (with the human as the X, and the Earth as the O) on their clothing, tags, skin (temporary tattoo) and flags.


Imagine hundreds of people putting on their Climate Action Tats, Tags and Style affirm their love for this exquisite planet, and to show their commitment to protect it every day.

Imagine thousands of people who see those Climate Change Action messages deciding to show their love for this superb planet to, and because they want to start doing their share to protect it too.

Imagine millions of people putting on Climate Change Action messages to show they have started taking actions every day to help protect this magical planet, and to help build a truly "ecological society".

Countless consumers and fans put on the logos of their favorite corporate and sports "teams" that they support. To help manifest the momentum needed to protect our planet's future, we need millions of ecological citizens to put on Climate Action Tats, Tags and Style.

So get a blue or green ink pen, marker, or needle and thread, and draw or sew your fave Climate Actions on your tag necklace, clothes, personal belongings, skin (temporary tattoo), bracelet, or headband to show others that you are proud to be a human (X) loving the Earth (O) with your eco actions.

Yesssss. Let's make it fashionable to take eco actions every day for our sweet and rare, blue and green home.


Word up your Climate Actions Tats, Tags and Style with friends by saying, "we are looking for a billion people to put on their Climate Actions - to show that they are taking 1 or more actions for the planet every day. Because we need a bolder Team Earth. We need a more visible ecological society."

Then say, "If you take one or more Climate Actions for planet every day, it would be great to show others that you do so by representing that Climate Action on your body, clothing, skin (as a temporary tattoo) or belongings. I can help you put on your fave Climate Action - if you want."

Next, "Or, if you would like to pledge to take 1 or more Climate Actions for planet every day, I can help you put it on."

Then, "It's crucial that we are repping Climate Action messages and symbols to show that we are on Team Earth to get others to join Team Earth too. Especially when so many corporations and sports teams are getting people to put on logos that call for materialism or elitism."

Finally say, "So would you like put on your fave Climate Actions to help empower this movement to defend our exquisite biosphere?"

XO Earth love letters to the planet is another way to word up XO. Write and post the love letters that say how you love the Earth on bulletin boards, blogs, refrigerators, in emails and beyond. Just another great way help can help inspire a more peaceful and loving world.


For some ways to score 2+ Climate Actions [an X and an O] for the biosphere every day, check out these environmental organizations.

Then represent the names of your favorite eco orgs with your Tats + Tags + Style ::
XOEarth [our own]
Extinction Rebellion
Sierra Club
Sunrise Movement .org
Wilderness Society
Sea Shepherd
World Wildlife Fund
Union of Concerned Scientists
Environmental Defense
The Nature Conservancy
Earth Island

The *Big XOEarth Accord and Pledge* is an optional pledge that members can use to track their XO eco actions. Feel free to print it, sign it, post it at home, work and beyond. 


When you post pics of your Tats, Tags or Style on your Facebook page, mention @XOEarth in the post to get a chance to win some cool XOEarth stuff. Join our XOEarth Facebook page too.

Include your Climate Change Action messages in any music, art, videos, articles, stories, social media posts and other media that you make and we will help promote it for you.


XOEarth Tats + Tags + Style is a good way for adults, students, teachers and kids to work together for planet Earth, to promote school spirit, and raise money for environmental clubs.

Art, photography and media students are invited to design and post new Climate Action messages or designs, stories and video links on our XOEarth Facebook page.

Contact us for club and school materials, or if you would like one of us to come speak to your group.

Plus, XOEarth Honors is our environmental awards project that students, teachers and others in environmental education can use for Clubs and Opps.

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For those who like to represent the XO, check out this version of the XO Earth member card. Print it, sign it and show it to others, and give away a bunch that are un-signed too.

front of card - click to print

Here are the print page choices ::

#4 The XO Earth member card print-page #4 has 4 cards on each print page. To make the cards, cut the printed page in quarters. Then fold each quarter in half to create four 2-sided cards. Pick out 1 of the cards for yourself and give the rest to others. >>

#8 The XO Earth member card print-page #8 has 8 cards on each print page. However, you will have to run the paper through your printer twice -- or use a printer that prints on both sides. This page can also be used to print only the front or the back of the card. >>

#10 The XO Earth member card print-page #10 has 10 cards on each print page. However, your printer and browser combo must be capable to do it, and the top and bottom margins need to be set to zero. Internet Explorer does 10-up pretty well. >>

front of card - click to print

Here is a page with tips for printing these cards.

Have fun flashing your XOEarth card to show others that you take Climate Actions and other eco actions every day.


putting on the XO for the biosphere




putting on the XO for the biosphere


putting on the XO for the biosphere


for all the life that loves to live




putting on the XO for the biosphere



About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. For love and life, Stele

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