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Make bracelets, bandanas, necklaces, patches and other *green bling* to show you are taking actions to slow down the climate change monsters, and, to give to friends and others to honor them for taking eco actions that help protect our priceless planet.

Below are some easy ways to make them from old clothes and other fabric.

To make an XOEarth Bracelet, necklace, headband or armband, cut a strip of blue or green fabric of the appropriate length, spin it to make the fabric kind of ropey, and then write the *XO Earth* or other eco words on the ends. Then start to tie an overhand knot on one end. Next, run the other end through the overhand knot (slipknot), then tighten the knot. This knot makes the bracelet and others adjustable and easy to put on and off.

Adding *XO Earth* and/or climate action slogans to the green bling that you make and award to others powers up the green bling. Check out, for more about eco fashion and putting on the *XO Earth*. To see how to draw or paint the X as the human and the O as the planet, see the XO. XOE. page.

For short bracelets cut the fabric 40 - 50 cm long (16 - 18 in) by 3 to 6 cm wide (.75 - 1.5 in). Then use the overhand slip-knot on one end to hold the ends together. The unknotted end of the material can be pulled to tighten it around a wrist. Use a double overhand knot to make a tighter but harder to untie knot. Then use blue and green permanent markers or acrylic paint to add eco words or XOEarth to the ends.

For longer bracelets or necklaces that go around the wrist or neck several times, just use longer pieces of fabric. Tie the ends together with a square knot or a sheet bend.

To make the other green bling - necklaces, headbands and bandanas and armbands - adjust the fabric size as needed.

To make your d.i.y. green bling look even better, spin some yarn around the fabric when you are making it.

A bandana makes for good *green bling* because it can be used as a napkin, kerchief, food cover, flag, little tablecloth, little towel and wall art.

Use non-stretchy material to make bracelets if you want it to be easier to read the XO Earth or other eco words you write. Use stretchy material if you want bracelets that look more stylish, but won't be as easy to read.

Another way to make a XOEarth Bracelet is to twist a 2 or 3 feet section of green and blue piece of yarn together, and then tie the ends together. Measure the yarn from heart to hand on a person and it will usually go around 4 times.

Bracelets and necklaces that go around 4 times can be used to represent the 4 kinds of ecological action, Earth Team, Art, Logic and Love as taken from the XO Earth Pledge.

When awarding your green bling, you may want to invite the person to help spin it with you while stating a positive affirmation to power up the bracelet - such as "for all the life that loves to live", "team Earth" or "for our rare and exquisite planet". Other affirmations include, "this bracelet is to help manifest your love for the planet into action with your hands". To go eco spiritual say, "and when you need a little extra ecological power to do the green thing, just rub your green bling, like this".

We hope you will post pics of your green bling on our XOEarth Honors Facebook page, and our Flick'r group.

By the way, when you wear your own XOEarth green bling, you can think of it as an XOEarth Award from yourself for the eco actions you have taken, or because you have accepted your own XOEarth Eco Challenge.

When giving XOEarth green bling to someone, you may want to invite them to award the *green bling* to another person for their eco action after a while. XOEarth Bracelets have been traveling the world jumping from wrist to wrist this way.

We will post pics and more instructions here, if requested.

If you would like to mail you a few XOEarth Bracelets in return for making a contribution to the XOEarth project, please contact us.

Taking a Visible Stand for Climate Change Action

There is a growing grassroots movement of citizens that are taking a visible stand in public for the protection of our planet and for peace nurtured by sustainability and climate change action.

We invite you to join us in support of this critical movement by making or printing out flags and signs that you can "fly" in order to "become the media" as well. In some ways, it's a fight against the flood of materialistic ads and logos that are drowning our society. Let's inspire others to join in actions for planet and peace and to be become a hero for millions of life-forms.

Wear your bandana and fly your flag in as many locations as possible - such as at home, at work, on their car, and on a backpack.

If you want to hand-make a cloth bandana or flag, choose or write some eco art, a message or a design onto a piece of non-stretchy, light-colored cotton fabric from an old shirt, sheet, or other clothing, with permanent markers. Some permanent markers run or fade. Tacking the fabric to a piece of cardboard can make writing the message on the flag easier.

The size of the bandana or flag you make will depend on whether it is:
• to wear on your head or clothing,
• a big flag for your yard,
• a cardboard flag for your front home window or your car,
• on a t-shirt or backpack,
• a small triangular flag for your lapel.

If you have made a cloth flag, you can attach the flag to a cord or string and then tie it between two poles or trees (prayer-flag style) or attached to a diagonal flagpole. "Middle of the string" loop knots that can be tied to the corners of the flags include the clove hitch, the better rolling hitch, and the strong, tightest constrictor hitch. To create an adjustable knot that you can to tie the two ends to a pole check out the midshipmans hitch/tautline.

Flying several XOEarth flags on a line in prayer-flag style is a powerful way to invite friends and neighbors to join in positive actions for our planet.

Eco slogans and quotes can make a good bandana or flag. Addressing a current environmental issue, governmental action or environmental campaign on your flags is great too. Take a picture and share your bandana or flag idea with others on our XOEarth Facebook page.

Check out these websites that include some great pictures of other flags and signs. Greenpeace, Sierra Club, NRDC, and Environmental Defense.

For more ideas, see Rainforest Action Network, World Wildlife Fund and Audubon.

Once you have made or printed your bandana or flag, "fly" it in your front yard, on your car dash, in your front window, on your clothes, on your backpack, at work, and anywhere else to help inform and motivate your community.

Bandanas and flags that call for specific action can be good motivators. Flags with general messages such as "One Planet, One Future", "We All Live Downstream", "Earth Patriot", "Good Planets Are Hard To Find", and "Live Simply That Millions May Simply Live" are good too.

Check out our collection of *environmental quotes* for other ideas for your enviro-media flag. These quotes can make beautiful flags that reflect the prayer flag style.

We welcome anyone who creates a an enviro-media bandana or flag to post it on XOEarth Honors Facebook page to help inspire others to make one too.

Getting your friends and family together to make eco flags can be a great way to inform, motivate and have fun.

Every day each of us has either a positive or negative effect on the environmental actions of others. By not making our environmental commitments known to others, we appear to be saying that we are endorsing the anti-environment status quo. So fly your eco flags today and team up with other planet defenders as well.

Kimberly with XOBracelet

Kimberly with XOEarth Bracelet



XOEarth Bracelet

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