Street Songs From Pearl Street, CU & Beyond


Here are some of our improv street songs by XOEarth Man and friends. Share em with peeps and musicians.

[If you don’t find an environmental song that you recorded with XOEarth Man, post a comment below or ask for your song on XOEarth Facebook.]

Our atoms and molecules will become part of other awesome lifeforms after we die – if we save this planet.

By Miles and stele. If You Gotta Gotta is a love song from a wild boar thanking people for eating compassionately and sustainably raised animals – but adds that vegetarian is even better. [And Miles and I, stele, would add that vegan is best.]

It’s eco sweet to rinse out and reuse food containers. More about “Rinse It Out”.

Work close to home for all the life. More about “Close To Home”.

Cheetah woman and friends sing a Reduce Reuse Recycle song with a cheetah accent.

By Nate and Stele c14. Help save some kids and critters (especially raccoons) by using a solar oven to cook your food. More about Cooking With The Sun.

[*Change Doctors* if yours does not support eco meds and sustainable foods that benefit your physiology now and ‘future far’.

*Carry Out Returns* is about plastic coming back to haunt us when our atoms and molecules turn into other critters. Help write more tunes about plastic zombies and eco hipsters going out to dinner with their tupperware.  

*Plant A Tree Carbon Offset* is about having or plant some trees, capture methane or take other environmental actions – to compensate for your CO2 emissions from your travels to delay climate change so you, your friends and others can have a little more fun.  

*Vegan Teacher Princess* is a talk with Caitlyn, a Montessori teacher, and a vegan. XO Earth Man does a mind meld with a hummingbird, who sings a song for Caitlyn to thank her for teaching kids about the planet and veganism.  

*Narwhal Trees* is sung by some girls and XOEarth Man about using phonebooks and other existing paper we find to use as towels and toilet paper in order to save the Narwhals. In other words, instead of buying new paper products, let’s use the other paper products that can be found everywhere that already exist that we can use. Listen to our *NooPoo Paper* song too.

[ There are a few more street songs on the XOEarth Talk page and at XOEarth Street Google Drive. ]


Musicians :: Record one of these songs and we’ll add it here, and maybe on our home page or environmental songs page.
Artists :: Make some XOEarth VOX art or media and we’ll add it here, and maybe on our home page or environmental songs page.
Fans :: Donate $1 or more to sponsor a better version or recording of this song. Donate $44 or more to get a shared copyright certificate for this song or your choice of one of our other environmental songs.



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