Extinction or Rebellion : help us get the funner one

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making. THE EMERGENCY The science is clear: [more]

45% of All Life Will [Not] Die by 2026/ Guesstimate

Earth Lovers, So that 20% to 45% of all life will NOT die by 2026, I hope you will join me [and other climate activists] in a promise to take big climate actions every day to help stop the mega wildfires, heatwaves, floods and [more]

Just Another Wicked 500 Year Flood

Eat, work, play, donate, travel and live ecologically to stop the monster floods that are jacked on climate change - purty please! Bigger and record floods keep happening around the world. Here is a little retrospect on the Boulder flood that took a few [more]

Dr Guy McPherson : On Behalf Of A Living-Dying Planet

Watch this rather important Guy McPherson presentation at Victoria University, to nurture your life of excellence, and empower your eco logical actions that will save your life - if only for another precious second. This vid was shot inWellington in New Zealand December 2016. [more]

World Climate Action + >> Kudos for Your Green Peeps

Give World Climate Action Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their past or pledged environmental actions. Lovers of our Earth's biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these World Climate Action Awards that have been dedicated [more]


Projects :: Our Eco Logical Initiatives

Our VOX, Honors, ECOFX, ErthEros, XOEarthWorks, My Carbon Tax, Perks, Citizen Accord, Biosphera projects help stop the climate change monsters - mega floods, fires, hurricanes, heatwaves, and other killer climate disasters - so we can all have more fun.

Jump. Dance. Kiss. For Your Eco Friends.

Do the XOEarth Honors Jump, Dance, Kiss, EHand sign, Handshake, Hug, Cartwheel and Bellywave to honor friends and others for their eco actions. ::::::::::::::::::::The XOEarth Honors Dance is any dance in any style that is done for a friend or with a friend to [more]


Share Your Artform, Media, Dance or Words

Get a chance to win a hand-painted XOEarth cape and over $400 if you create an eco artform, media, poem, story, art, dance, theater or video that encourages people to take a specific environmental action for our planet's biosphere to XOEarth. To enter, first [more]

I Hear The Plants Calling

  Play >> I Hear The Plants Calling .mp3 I think I hear the plants calling calling me.. hey I'm thirsty, bring some water please I think I hear the plants calling calling me hey I'm hungry, bring some fertilizer please I think I [more]

Green Freedom

Play >> Green Freedom .mp3 lovers of life, lovers of green freedom fight for your life, to have a sublime time do the eco vision things, so your heart and soul can sing as a peaceful warrior, for a better future for this life [more]

Vegan Pie

  Play >> Vegan Pie .mp3 planet earth is saying hey hey hey some of my favorite species did eat one day vegan pie and they stuck around quite a while like the triceratops they ate vegan pie and it got em high the [more]

The Visionary : if we are going to make it last

  Play >> The Visionary .mp3 envision the visionary in yourself today if we are going to make it last we 've got to call the visionary in each one of us envision the visionary in yourself today look into the future, it's got [more]

Just Another EarthDay

  Play >> Just Another Earth Day .mp3 just another earthday seems like only yesterday trees and plankton blow sweet oxygen cute bikers and walkers make the air clean fish do the finny ballet for all to see eco lovers honeymoon close to home [more]

Hexed With Hals Neurosis

  Play >> Hexed With Hals Neurosis .mp3 In 1987 a lone astronomist discovered a planet with high concentrations of gold buried just under its surface in various locations. This information was kept secret from the public by the Gureid Corp. So the HAL [more]

Green Washing A Virgin Wood

  The world's virgin rainforests and temperate forests are being killed by the plywood industry. We need more art and songs for this issue. Lyric ideas include 'What Wood You Use' and, 'Green Washing A Virgin (ply) Wood'. Using sustainable plywood and timber for [more]

Species : Every Endangered Species Deserves a Song

Caw, Purr, Chirp, Hiss and Ribbit, Every threatened species on our planet deserves a rad song that calls on humans to live more sustainably so that these threatened species can keep having fun on this planet too. So help protect your favorite threatened species [more]

Home Om : 1 billion kilometers a year we fly ahhh

Play >> Home Om .mp3   home, around the sun she fly-ah om magic waters, rocks and skyah home, 2 million species love the ride-ah /ome archaea protista, bryophytes bacteria tracheophytes parazoa, fungi eumetazoa home, 4 trillion .tons of biota ly-fi D G om [more]

For All The Life

  Play >> For All The Life .mp3 for all the (life) that loves to live for all the (life) that lives to love I walk, skip, skate and bike, carpool, run, bus, hitchhike for all the (kids) that loves to live, for all [more]


Im Calling Ong Namo

Play >> Im Calling Ong Namo .mp3   I’m calling for all the children of the future I’m calling for all the life that loves to live I’m calling for all the .beings of land and water I’m calling for all the .lovers yet [more]

My Sweet Earth / by Stele y George Harrison

My sweet Earth, Hm, my Earth, Hm, my Earth by stele 10c y George Harrison I really want to see you/ see Really want to be with you/ be with Really want to honor you/ see for all the life that loves to live, [more]


Whales Dance

  Play >> Polar Bears Jive .mp3. bowhead whales boogie, polar bears jive, when the people say no dice no leaving it to chance, no oil will spill, no drills in the arctic seas today the ocean beings will dance their dance, to celebrate [more]

Bike Baby Bike

Hello Earth Lovers, We need more songs, art and words to help stop the friggen offshore drilling that is killing our oceans, air and climate. Plus, writers are needed to help buff out the songs I have started below. Ideas: Bike Baby Bike (below) [more]

XOEarth Talk: Interviews, Words & Poetry

Recycle Bros Play >> Recycle Bro AaronTrevor.mp3 Here are the ultra awesome brothers, Aaron and Trevor, calling on us to recycle. I'll add links to their websites - if they say it's cool. Even though Aaron and Trevor did this work a good while [more]