Just Another Wicked 500 Year Flood

Eat, work, play, donate, travel and live ecologically to stop the monster floods that are jacked on climate change - purty please! Bigger and record floods keep happening around the world. Here is a [more]


Projects :: Our Eco Logical Initiatives

Our VOX, Honors, ECOFX, ErthEros, XOEarthWorks, My Carbon Tax, Perks, Citizen Accord, Biosphera projects help stop the climate change monsters - mega floods, fires, hurricanes, heatwaves, and other killer climate disasters - so we can all have more fun.

Jump. Dance. Kiss. For Your Eco Friends.

Do the XOEarth Honors Jump, Dance, Kiss, EHand sign, Handshake, Hug, Cartwheel and Bellywave to honor friends and others for their eco actions. ::::::::::::::::::::The XOEarth Honors Dance is any dance in any style that [more]

Challenge : Reward Your Peeps or a Biz for Completing an Eco Challenge

1/ Ask a friend or biz to take an eco action.
2/ Reward the friend or biz for completing that eco action — using your talent and/or giving them some other reward that you get from here or elsewhere.
3/ Ask the friend or biz if they would prefer something else from you, instead of what you have offered to give them.