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Our VOX project works with musicians, writers, artists and sponsors that want to power up our eco-smarts, eco-humor and eco-romance.

Through it, we help create, discover and promote eco songs, poems, art, stories, dance, tattoos and other art forms that help inspire humanity to take environmental actions.

Ways to join XOEarth VOX::
1/  If you are a songwriter, artist, writer or videographer, feel free to add links to your environmental works here at and XOEarth Facebook. Contact us to collaborate on an eco media project.

2/  If you are a fan, sponsor one of our eco songs, videos, artistic or media projects that focuses on an eco issue that you care about. Volunteer positions are available as well.

3/  Show that you are on team XOEarth by drawing, painting or sewing a blue or green XO (with the human as the X, and the Earth as the O), XOE or VOX on your clothing, personal belongings and skin (as temp or perm tattoos). Print and sign the XOEarth pledge/ member card here.

4/  Our XOEarth School has workshops and classes in Boulder, CO and beyond to help you manifest songs, art and media about eco issues and eco solutions. XOEarth's project oriented approach empowers students to create music and video that will inspire us all to respect our planet. Ask about XOEarth School online classes.  more >>


Our XOEarth Honors project has a bunch of rad ways to honor friends, employees and others for their eco-logical actions. Use XOEarth art, music, awards, kisses, games, words, cheers and eco money to thank others for helping protect our priceless planet. Our XOEarth project may be the ultimate real life environmental game. pronounced *earthy*

Ways to join XOEarth Honors::
1/  Honor your friends and others for their eco actions and choices by giving them XOEarth art, words, music, environmental games or other goodies that you create, get from us or from other resources. >>

2/  Challenge friends and others to take eco actions/choices, then honor their successes with XOEarth Awards, dances, handshakes, credit$, cheers or other goodies that you create, get from here or find elsewhere. >>

3/  Pledge to give one or more XOEarth rewards or XOEarth challenges every day. Print the pledge card for yourself and others. more>>

4/  Share your XOEarth ideas about how to honor or challenge others - via XOEarth Facebook.  more >>


Explore ecofx to see how to quickly estimate the ecological effects of a product -- including the impact on natural habitat (in square meters or feet), plant and animal life (in kilograms or pounds), carbon footprint and extinction and humankind.

ecofx levels::
1/ Check out the wiki to find the environmental impacts of some products (and services).

2/ To estimate the loss of natural habitat potential in square meters to make a product, multiply the kilograms of CO2 that are released to make the product by .8 (or 80%).
The ecofx calculator does the math super fast. >>
[In pounds to square feet.] To estimate the loss of natural habitat potential in square feet to make a product, multiply the pounds of CO2 released to make the product by 3.8 .

3/ If you don't know the CO2 emissions for a product, estimate it based on similar products from the ecofx card, the wiki or the short list.
The CO2 section has some tips on how to estimate the CO2 emissions using the ecofx card, short list, calculator and other tools.

4/ Print the ecofx card for some quick help when estimating the ecofx of a product or service. It has three ecofx formulas, and the CO2 emissions for some products.

5/ Sign the ecofx pledge that says, 'Before buying (or selling) a product or service, I pledge to estimate the ecological effects it has on natural habitat, on humankind, extinction and/or climate change, and then decide if the personal benefit outweighs the environmental impact.  more >>


Explore ErthEros for some romantic, passionate and fun ways to save your planet with your sexy self.

Experience the amorous, primal and sensual powers rising up in your heart and body while helping this rapturous planet. Find out how eco kisses (even air kisses), steamy hugs, romantic poetry, rousing dances and love making can help our watery biosphere.

Sign the ErthEros vows affirming the eco sensual actions you take. Put the ErthEros symbols on your clothes, skin and belongings to show others that you use your erotic powers for this rapturous and exquisite biosphere.  more >>


Eco Tune-Ups. For Your Home. For Your Planet.

XOEarthWorks working members offer services to help you protect our priceless planet and save you money. Go to to see find working members in your area and what services they specialize in.

Our working members pledge to donate 1% to selected environmental orgs. Our working members are independent and pay no fees to XOEarthWorks.

XOEarthWorks mission: To help motivated, environmentally conscious people start and operate their own businesses that offer ecological services and products that help protect our biosphere and save money. To help build a global network of self-employed eco workers that help one another via expertise sharing and referrals. To raise funds for non-profit environmental organizations by asking eco workers to make voluntary contributions. To not charge individuals any fee or commission to be an XOEarthWorks member.  more >>

                              Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset has some great ways to offset the carbon footprint of products you buy and the energy you use.

Two cool ways to Carbon Offset includes::
When you are buying things from a business that offers GreenBeanz -- offset your carbon footprint by buying GreenBeanz along with your purchase.
Play the GreenBeanz real life offset games with friends to offset the carbon of your purchases and other choices that makes more CO2.  more >>


XOEarth Perks is a free ecological lottery XOEarth Perks who have taken actions or made lifestyle choices in the last month that have helped protect our priceless planet.

To enter yourself or a friend for a chance to win an XOEarth Cape, other goodies and up to $4,444, write 44 words or more about your or a friend's eco actions or choices in the last 30 days for the planet. Then add that little story to your Facebook timeline.  XOEarth Perks

                         Citizens Accord

Earth Accord and Score 4 the PlanetThe XOEarth Citizens Accord +Score 4 The Planet is a call to 1 billion Earth lovers to publicly pledge 4% of their time* and/or income back to the planet each month.

By scoring 1% or more in each of the XOECA dimensions -- Team, Art, Logic and Love -- every XOEarth Citizens Accord signer helps empower and unite the global ecological movements that are working to protect the planet. It's a global real-life environmental game with some excellent real-life XOEarth rewards.

Print and Sign the XOEarth Citizens Accord, or the Earth Business Accord to join this global grassroots initiative.  more >>


The Biosphera ~ Dance 4 The Species is a contemplative journey into the hearts and minds of other species in order to celebrate and honor our connection to those species, to see our lives and life choices from another life-form's perspective, and to explore other species' wisdoms that might help us create a more sustainable planet.

Earth lovers worldwide are hereby invited to join Biosphera ~ Dance 4 the Species in helping manifest this global ecological dance movement to celebrate, explore and apply the wisdoms of our planet's species.

Biosphera dancers and organizers are hoping to establish a network of four thousand Biosphera parties around the world by 2014. The dance has an environmental game form that is a lot of fun too.  more >>


WikiPPP will be petitioning trade organizations and governments worldwide to mandate a *unique* Wiki Product, Planet, People website on all products, and advertising related to any products.

A *unique* Wiki website/URL on the product's packaging, or in the product's advertising would make be much easier for consumers to get and contribute environmental, humanitarian, product details, and company information about any product.  more >>

                Environmental Games

Environmental Games is a collection of innovative environmental games and ecological games ideas. Our favorite of the environmental games is XOEarth Honors -- check it out here. Free materials for these environmental games is available.  more >>



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Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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