Challenge : Reward Your Peeps or a Biz for Completing an Eco Challenge


To give an XOEarth Challenge:
1/ Ask a friend, business or anyone else to take an eco logical action.
2/ Honor that person or biz for completing that eco action -- with your talent, with a gift, with an XOEarth Award or any other XOEarth Honors that you get from here.
3/ Optional: Ask the person or biz if they would prefer something else from you, instead of what you have offered to give them.

When giving someone a challenge, it is your choice whether you tell the person or biz in advance that you would like to Honor them for completing the challenge, or you may choose to surprise them with the XOEarth Honors or XOEarth Award once they have taken the eco action.

Challenge examples include requesting and then rewarding friends for taking actions that protect our climate such as:
burn little or no gasoline
eat a plant based diet - vegan or vegetarian
make your job good for the planet - or quit and get a green job
live close to work
make your home energy efficient
turn the air conditioner way down little or off
turn the heater way down or off
buy solar or wind energy credits for home and biz
burn little or no jet fuel
use alternative transportation
volunteer with eco organizations
donate to environmental organizations
donate to eco candidates
canvass, lobby and vote to eco our government
make love, not babies
quit your job to take eco logical jobs
show your profession or industry how to make it green
boycott over-packaged products - unless it is not possible
honor and reward others for their eco work every day
boycott single serving products - unless it is not possible
grow some food for yourself and others
boycott single use products - unless it is absolutely not possible
carbon offset part of - or all - of our energy use
consider the Green Minute Rule in every decision
put on tats, tags and/or style to rep Team Earth
speak and promote eco logic everywhere, every day
get eco sexy

It is especially crucial that we challenge and honor others for taking actions that help stop global warming.

If you have some good ways that you call on and cheer on your peeps to take ecological actions that you think we should add to our XOEarth Honors page, please and contact us.

Another way to invite others to take a challenge is to print and give out the XOEarth Challenge notes - found at the bottom of the XOEarth Awards page.

When making a challenge, sometimes it works to say, "if you would like some other reward from me, instead of __(whatever you are offering)__, what would it be, in return for the eco action that you take?"

Check out these superb organizations to find other ideas for Eco Challenges ::
Sierra Club
Environmental Defense
The Nature Conservancy
Earth Island

Feel free to put on your XOEarth attire
when you make an XOEarth Challenge,
or when you honor your peeps
or a business for successfully completing
an XOEarth Challenge.
for our bears, beaches and bodies
Eary Bear

About Stele

Earth Lovers, Write enviro songs, make art and media with me to inspire peeps to join us in taking eco actions that help save our imperiled Earth and slow down the climate change monsters. Peas, love and flaxseed butter, Stele

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2 thoughts on “Challenge : Reward Your Peeps or a Biz for Completing an Eco Challenge

  • Bonnie

    Stele, I really like this idea of making a challenge and then giving to the person as an appreciation for their completion ...and I know you do this already. Thank you ...and I will try to see what I can give when I ask people to do things.
    Blessings for all your work, Bonnie

    • SteleEly Post author

      Aloha Bonnie!! I think I need to be resolute in making more XOEarth Challenges. Plus, I am usually going to offer a *little* award that is guaranteed if the person completes an eco challenge - as well giving them the chance to win a *big* XOEarth cape, XOEarth hat, $400 or one of the other Perks [ ]. Merci beaucoup for being a super friend and fellow Peaceful Earth Warrior. The little salad you made for me at the Farmers Market was just what I needed. Lots of Love and Peace, Stele ~ XOEarth Man