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Get a chance to win a hand-painted XOEarth cape and over $400 if you create an eco artform, media, poem, story, art, dance, theater or video that encourages people to take a specific environmental action for our planet's biosphere to XOEarth. To enter, first [more]

Hand Dry Jive

  Play >> Hand Dry Jive .mp3 hand dry jive, we're doing the hand dry jive not using electric or paper towels we're hand dry jive now over in the forest far away there's a tiger this very day with a little message for [more]


Im Calling Ong Namo

Play >> Im Calling Ong Namo .mp3   I’m calling for all the children of the future I’m calling for all the life that loves to live I’m calling for all the .beings of land and water I’m calling for all the .lovers yet [more]

Be Gentle And Kind

In dwelling, be close to the land. In meditation, go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speech, be true. In ruling, be just. In business, be competent. In action, watch the timing. Be Gentle And Kind /Tao [more]

I Hear The Plants Calling

  Play >> I Hear The Plants Calling .mp3 I think I hear the plants calling calling me.. hey I'm thirsty, bring some water please I think I hear the plants calling calling me hey I'm hungry, bring some fertilizer please I think I [more]


Here are some deep, soaring and crucial poems for you by my friend Adamantra - a didgeridoo swami. They are mp3 files. He also makes superb custom digeridoos, and will help you make your own. He is available for events and weddings and benefits. [more]

Poo Pee Flower : with Toulouse

  Play >> Poo Pee Flower .mp3. oh baby I love you so so you know where I am going to go gonna go out to make a poo make some fertilizer for you yeah my poo is gonna sit there for a while [more]

Twinkle The Biz

  Play >> Twinkle The Biz .mp3 when a business does the right thing, we twinkle up inside and outside for all to see, we twinkle up sustainable, humane, organic, clean energy for these we ask biz managers respectfully fair-trade, fair-wages, equal opportunity for [more]

See You Soon

*See You Soon* is a country kinda tune about how a person's atoms and molecules might fly around after they have passed on, and how those atoms and molecules might become part of the animals, plants and places in nature that were loved by [more]

Just Another EarthDay

  Play >> Just Another Earth Day .mp3 just another earthday seems like only yesterday trees and plankton blow sweet oxygen cute bikers and walkers make the air clean fish do the finny ballet for all to see eco lovers honeymoon close to home [more]

The Pig That Therefore I Am x Miru Kim y Stele

  Play >> The Pig That Therefore I Am .mp3 skin mingled, secretions, pores five hundred pounds and I naked bodies, nerves, vapors pig thigh to human thigh the pig (that therefore) i am skin shivers, tingles, flays, thrills curious mouth, chews hair blunt [more]

Penny For My Mama, Everytime She Or He Scores

  Play >> Penny For The Planet .mp3 everytime my mama gives me something nice I'm gonna give her a penny everytime my mama gives helps me win I'm gonna give her a penny I'm gonna score for the planet for every point I [more]

Vegan Pie

  Play >> Vegan Pie .mp3 planet earth is saying hey hey hey some of my favorite species did eat one day vegan pie and they stuck around quite a while like the triceratops they ate vegan pie and it got em high the [more]

The Visionary : if we are going to make it last

  Play >> The Visionary .mp3 envision the visionary in yourself today if we are going to make it last we 've got to call the visionary in each one of us envision the visionary in yourself today look into the future, it's got [more]

What Kind Of Love : with Eyal y Danya

  Play >> What Kind Of Love .mp3 what kind of love, oh mother earth tell me I've got to know what kind of love is going to save us please tell us now because I've got a lot of love for my friends [more]

My Sweet Earth / by Stele y George Harrison

My sweet Earth, Hm, my Earth, Hm, my Earth by stele 10c y George Harrison I really want to see you/ see Really want to be with you/ be with Really want to honor you/ see for all the life that loves to live, [more]

Green Freedom

Play >> Green Freedom .mp3 lovers of life, lovers of green freedom fight for your life, to have a sublime time do the eco vision things, so your heart and soul can sing as a peaceful warrior, for a better future for this life [more]

Run Zebra Run : to thankyou for using a drying rack

  Play >> Run Zebra Run .mp3 way over in Africa when the mornings are sweet the zebras go running around zebra town here's what they are singing hey everybody in America thankyou for using a drying rack makes a zebra go yackity yack [more]

Bug Bites : Ecological and Gastronomical

The Perennial Plate Episode 78: Eating Insects from Daniel Klein on Vimeo Songwriters, help me write a song about the proposed ecological and gastronomical satisfaction of eating bugs. This insect eating thing may take a few weeks to go big with the average eco [more]

Green Washing A Virgin Wood

  The world's virgin rainforests and temperate forests are being killed by the plywood industry. We need more art and songs for this issue. Lyric ideas include 'What Wood You Use' and, 'Green Washing A Virgin (ply) Wood'. Using sustainable plywood and timber for [more]

350 CO2 PPM : so nifty eee

  Play >> 350 CO2 PPM .mp3. 3.50 eee, so nifty eee, our rad planet needs, 3.50 .eee CO2 parts per million to make our climate fun so let's all reduce some, mahX8 CO2 parts per million, nahX8 pelican, farmer, coral, dancer, orca, nerd [more]

Green Green Home

Play >> Green Green Home [via] GREEN GREEN HOME / stele c02 "Green, Green Home" is a love ballad about a guy looking for an environmentally conscious home for his love and himself because he wants them to live a healthier life together. [more]

Bike Baby Bike

Hello Earth Lovers, We need more songs, art and words to help stop the friggen offshore drilling that is killing our oceans, air and climate. Plus, writers are needed to help buff out the songs I have started below. Ideas: Bike Baby Bike (below) [more]

For All The Life

  Play >> For All The Life .mp3 for all the (life) that loves to live for all the (life) that lives to love I walk, skip, skate and bike, carpool, run, bus, hitchhike for all the (kids) that loves to live, for all [more]

XOEarth Talk: Interviews, Words & Poetry

Recycle Bros Play >> Recycle Bro AaronTrevor.mp3 Here are the ultra awesome brothers, Aaron and Trevor, calling on us to recycle. I'll add links to their websites - if they say it's cool. Even though Aaron and Trevor did this work a good while [more]

Turquoise Yellow Green

eco future as the one the sensitive self part of the holistic universe holon waves of integrative energies united in feeling and knowledge [centaur] level upon level interwoven into a conscious network universal community ecological cherishing earth Gaia life living and conscious freed from [more]

Freaking CO2 / My Sister Future Needs It Cool

  Play >> Freaking CO2 .mp3 friggen storms are flipping out again so if not now then when my sister future needs it cool so if not me then who to play with her on another day for all the life I will stay [more]


Whales Dance

  Play >> Polar Bears Jive .mp3. bowhead whales boogie, polar bears jive, when the people say no dice no leaving it to chance, no oil will spill, no drills in the arctic seas today the ocean beings will dance their dance, to celebrate [more]

Write An Eco Logical Song With Us

[ Hear some of our environmental songs here. ] Aloha Earth Citizens, Start co-writing or sponsor an environmental song, poem and video with Stele Ely or other XOEarth musicians and artists today. Stele and others can co-write in person, via phone, skype, email or [more]

Open Mic. Open Stage.

Musicians, artists and creatives are invited to post their eco songs, words, poems, art, video and other creations here. Some of the best songs from the comments will be added to the open mike chart. Fans are invited to tell us which creative works [more]

Alligator Dick and Jenin : with David Rovics

  Play >> David Rovics, Alligator and Jenin .mp3 David Rovics sings out *Alligator Dick* and *City of Jenin* songs in this interview I did with him in Boulder. Yepperz, I was thrilled that my biggest political eco songwriting hero had time to sit [more]

Acid Test : Carbon Dioxide Emissions Absorbed by the Oceans

The Acidification of the Oceans need a song (every month) - so listen to your heart and let's start writing. Earth’s atmosphere isn’t the only victim of burning fossil fuels. About a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed by the earth’s oceans, [more]

Time For Love

hey songwriters and poets…. please co-write this song with me add your lyric changes or critique in a comment I have one melody I will add too, its got a C6 EMaj7 Dm non-songwriters are invited to sponsor this song ** TIME FOR LOVE [more]

Dont Buy A Lie.

i don’t buy poison, i don’t buy waste, i don’t buy greed, i don’t buy pain, they're gonna be super duper safe (from now on the're gonna be safe) next time they drill for oil someplace they say the chance of another killer slick [more]

i Lorax

The latest Lorax movie is a dreadful materialistic version. Let's write a song for a new and better version.Maybe we can have the Lorax win this time. Let's see how we can do it in both in the song and the story -- in [more]

*Climate Reality Project* Awards to Give to Your Eco Peeps

In recognition of Climate Reality's and Al Gore's crucial work in the protection of our biosphere, we are honored to present the Climate Reality Project and Al Gore commemorative XOEarth Awards. We invite all lovers of our Earth's biosphere to copy and share, or [more]

Co Writers : Let's Write Songs For Our Blue Orb

Dear Eco Songwriters, To co-write with me, add one or more lyrical or musical suggestions for a song I am working on. Feel free to radically re-write a whole song if you want too. If I think your lyrics or music ideas are groovy [more]



Hello Earth Lover, I hope you will consider sponsoring These songs are already helping protect the planet in several ways. One of my eco songs even helped win a Boulder vote for renewable energy -- the 2B song. Sponsor the project and get [more]

Dance Local : Less Gasoline Earth Warriors

Earth Warrior Dancers, A neighborhood and local community that has a bunch of fun [but simple] things to do is good for the planet. It saves gasoline and jetfuel when peeps party close to home. So if you will, help build your eco logical [more]

Works: Members

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In Your Eyes pq/ Peter Gabriel

Songwriters and musicians, co-write and record *In Your Eyes* environmental parody w XOEarth Stele pq In your eyes Am C F Love C Am C F C I see a bluebird, sometimes Am C F A [your] future life C Am C F C [more]

SexEco Healing

cool off, cool off, cool off, cool off GAm let's make ice tonight FC chill out, chill out, chill out, chill out GAm 'Cause you green it right FC 'Cause you do it right G Am green baby, let's cool (the) earth tonight green [more]

Dr Guy McPherson : On Behalf Of A Living-Dying Planet

Watch this rather important Guy McPherson presentation at Victoria University, to nurture your life of excellence, and empower your eco logical actions that will save your life - if only for another precious second. This vid was shot inWellington in New Zealand December 2016. [more]

About XOEarth

Our XOEarth team is working big time to extend the life of our exquisite biosphere via our environmental education, music, arts, media and business projects. Our ultimate mission is to keep this fragile planet livable so more life can have more fun - including [more]

XOEarth Credit. XOEarth Discount.

The XOEarth Credit can be either a monetary or non-monetary reward (or perk) that participating businesses give to customers (or employees) to honor them for taking environmental actions. Businesses offer an XOEarth Credit to customers in exchange for :: 1/  A *Love letter to [more]

Edu : Use XOEarth tools to eco rule in school

  XOEarth Awards, environmental games and lesson plans are a great way to get adults, teachers, students and kids to work together for the planet. Group ecological action promotes team spirit and peace. Below are a few strategies to power-up a new or existing [more]

Printing Tips for XOEarth Awards, EarthE Money & Cards

Awards. Money. To print these awards, first go to your browser's file menu and then to print preview. Decide which page you want to print. If needed, set the margin using the margins option. If needed, increase the custom size to between 100% to [more]

Stele Ely : Eco Warrior Music Maker Body Worker

      XOEarth Man Eco Shows      XOEarth Custom Songs       GreenDreamz Guitar,     Songwriting, Voice, Ukulele                 & Keyboard Lessons       Body~Mind~Works               [more]

Opps : Take Direct Actions and Volunteer with Team XOEarth

Here are some of's direct action and volunteer opportunities for citizens and students who are looking for excellent ways to help our priceless planet. + Join our EarthDare direct actions in person with us or in your area on your own or with [more]