World Climate Action + >> Kudos for Your Green Peeps

Give World Climate Action Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their past or pledged environmental actions. Lovers of our Earth's biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these World Climate Action Awards that have been dedicated [more]

Give Stronger. Live Longer.

Make a single or a recurring donation via credit card or PayPal to keep our XOEarth projects, songwriters and media makers going. To make your contribution via Venmo, search for XOEarth in your Venmo app. You will see a picture of Stele with one [more]

Earth Warrior Bikers Are Saving Habitat

To all you Earth Warrior Bikers out there, Thanks for helping extend the life of our planet by biking and therefore burning less gasoline. GASOLINE (1 gallon) = 10 kilograms CO2 = 8 meters squared of habitat = 24 kilograms of life. Check out [more]

Polar Bear + NRDC Awards : Give Em to Your Green Peeps

Give Polar Bear + NRDC XOEarth Awards to eco friends and others to thank them for their environmental actions - either previous or pledged. Lovers of our Earth's biosphere are invited to copy and share, or print and give, these Polar Bear XOEarth Awards [more]

Wolverine Dreams : My Wild Love is Howling

Play >> Wolverine Dreams .mp3 one wolverine dreams of slow voles, and dead things to savor tummy yummies drink waters so pristine with no lead or mercury that dirty coal is history my wild self is howling to help her dreams come true gonna [more]

Big Yellow Bike / Big Yellow Taxi : Joni Mitchell

We saved paradise, tore out another parking lot, Planted pink potatoes, a fruit tree and a swing dance spot ... Or maybe :: They paved paradise, put up 3 million parking lots 2 million hotels, 9 million boutiques and a million hot spots To [more]

Sprocket Mom by S / Rocket Man by Elton John

*Sprocket Mom* by Stele via Elton John and Bernie Taupin Songwriters and musicians, co-write and record *Sprocket Mom* with XOEarth Stele pq. It is a parody of *Rocket Man*by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Fans, sponsor us to record this eco song at [more]

To Bee : Pesticides Sting Far More than Any Bee

Play >> To Bee .mp3 honey conjured for their babies pollen fetched for the queen rousing flowers with their kisses buzzing tunes on crystal wings to bee or not to be, sings sweet Melissa ohhh pesticides (they do) sting far more than any bee [more]

Hearts And Hands :: Stop Materialistic Retardation

Play >> Hearts And Hands .mp3 come hearts and hands in cooperation for life and planet harmonization for community and family crystalliz-ation for all creatures’ jubilation come hearts and .hands .in co-oper-ation d g a d to stop profit focused. abomin-ations em a to [more]

Jane Goodall :: commemorative XOEarth Awards

In recognition of the Jane Goodall Institute's and founder Jane Goodall's crucial work in the protection of our biosphere, we are honored to unveil the Jane Goodall commemorative XOEarth Awards. We invite all lovers of our Earth's biosphere to copy and share, or print [more]

*It's Too Hot* pq Kool & the Gang

  Play >> It's Too Hot .mp3 2 million years we were in love earthly sweethearts homo sapiens was brand new we took your gifts but traveled light living simply, for the life i remember when we turned away pollution, poisons, drills and waste [more]

Passion Tree

Play >> Passion Tree .mp3 From sapling, water, poo and pee, I will be your passion tree. I live to protect one you love from hurricane, drought and flood. ~~ touch my .bright green .leaves not .high /c dm7 em c although a sapling [more]


Projects :: Our Eco Logical Initiatives

Our VOX, Honors, ECOFX, ErthEros, XOEarthWorks, My Carbon Tax, Perks, Citizen Accord, Biosphera projects help stop the climate change monsters - mega floods, fires, hurricanes, heatwaves, and other killer climate disasters - so we can all have more fun.

Super Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle Lidocious

Play >> SuperReduce ReuseRepair RecycleLidocious .mp3 "super reduce reuse repair recycle li dociaous" it's so rad the sound of it is something quite ecocious do and say it loud enough, our earth may not disown us super-reduce-reuse-repair-recycle-li-dociaous green giddle giddle giddle, green giddle ay. [more]

Jump. Dance. Kiss. For Your Eco Friends.

Do the XOEarth Honors Jump, Dance, Kiss, EHand sign, Handshake, Hug, Cartwheel and Bellywave to honor friends and others for their eco actions. ::::::::::::::::::::The XOEarth Honors Dance is any dance in any style that is done for a friend or with a friend to [more]

Set The Water People Free

Play> *Set The Water People Free .mp3* Set The Water People Free honors all of those who are helping protect the whales, sharks, tuna, toothfish, dolphins and many other ocean species. This song is especially those who are on the open seas such as [more]

It's Too Darn Hot : The Year 2 Thousand 25

  Play >> It's Too Darn Hot .mp3.. it's too darn hot, it's too darn hot I'd like to sup, with my baby tonight refill the cup, with my baby tonight one-hundred-twenty in fahrenheit it's the year 2 thousand and 29 deep fried is [more]

ecofx : Fruits and Vegetables

:: environmental impact of fruits/ vegetables  (Compared to beef, chicken/ fish/ eggs and dairy products.) Estimated carbon footprint, loss of natural habitat potential for one year, loss of plant and animal life potential for one year, and extinction potential, from making, packaging, shipping and/or [more]

Cooking With The Sun [DIY Solar Cookers Rule]

  Play >> Cooking With The Sun .mp3 Solar cookers and ovens are a super crucial way to help save some kids and critters (raccoons?) of the future. Please make or buy a solar oven to preheat and cook your food this week. Contact [more]

Eat Smarty Beans, Not Farty Beans

To kill the fart factor in beans, add baking soda to the beans while cooking, after cooking or when soaking the beans once (or twice). Beans are friggen awesome for our bodies and our planet. However, a lot of folks won't eat beans because [more]

A Wonderful World [ It Was ]

I saw forests of green, clean oceans too I saw flowers bloom for me and you And I think to myself it was a wonderful world we bought cars that spew and rode jets that bite bought junk by day, burned [big] lights at [more]

Garden Feelin Love + Feelin Love by Paula Cole

Songwriters and musicians, co-write and record *Garden Feelin Love* with XOEarth Stele pq. It is a parody of *Garden Feelin Love *by Paula Cole. Fans, sponsor us to record this eco song at G C G Eb F Eb G Love, love G [more]

BirthDay EarthDay

  Play >> BirthDay EarthDay .mp3 hey it's your birthday so it kinda feels like earthday cuz you do those awesome things for our sweet earth and that brings us so much mirth so we wanna sing this planet tune for you because it's [more]

Rinse It Out [Reuse Plastic Bags and Containers}

  Play >> Rinse It Out .mp3 can you hear the turtles shout rinse it out, rinse it out can you help those little turtles out rinse it out, don't throw it out you know all the energy that goes in those bottles and [more]

XOEarth Environmental Awards Shows & Eco Operas

*XOEarth Environmental Awards Show, Eco Music And Videos* with XOEarth Man and Friends XOEarth Shows are live performances or live videos with upbeat environmental songs, XOEarth Environmental Awards and ecological super heros. This XOEarth Eco Awards show is mc'd by Stele Ely, aka XOEarth [more]

Street Songs From Pearl Street, CU & Beyond

Here are some of our improv street songs by XOEarth Man and friends. Share em with peeps and musicians. [If you don't find an environmental song that you recorded with XOEarth Man, post a comment below or ask for your song on XOEarth Facebook.] [more]

Belly Wave : If You Can Do Then Do It

belly waves for the planet if you can do it do it darn it belly waves for the planet to thank everybody for their eco actions right now [writers and musicians : help write or record this song] you know I got a friend [more]

We Will Love Again : My Atoms Want You Again and Again

  Play >> We Will Love Again .mp3. When we die our atoms and molecules will be recycled and bioaccumulate in various amazing lifeforms around the planet again and again. Surely some amazing and exciting experiences await us as parts of these future lifeforms [more]

Reject And Protect : Win The Fight For Our Earth Mother

  Play >> Reject And Protect .mp3 Keep us the fight to keep this from killing our biosphere and us!!! reject the Keystone XL, toxins, ruin, stupidity protect our farms, food, jokes, sanity reject the destruction, gluttony, greed protect lovers, giggles, games, family reject [more]

5 Cigarettes

  Play >> 5 Cigarettes .mp3 I will smoke 5 cigarettes today rather than eating 1 chicken egg harvard nurses health and other studies say its about as bad for my body either way so if I must choose hurting me, or hurting me [more]

Environmental Games : Play For Life

Play these XOEarth Environmental Games to save our sweet+rad+dying planet home.     ecofx In the ecofx game, a player does a victory dance when another player [or a friend] takes an environmental action that helps save our biosphere. The victory dance can be [more]

Roll Your Own, Save Your Home [cigarette singalong]

Roll Your Own, Save Your Home I have recorded an improv version but not written this song down yet. Rolling your own cigarettes instead of buying boxed and filtered cigarettes is the message. Contact me if you would like to help me finish this [more]

Tiger Light : Future Cats Purr About LED Lights

  Play >> Tiger Light .mp3 Two tigers from the future have a few things to say about screwing in those LED lights to help make their lives possible 50 years in the future. Hear what they have to say about the "Tiger Lights" [more]

Mama Sweet Mama

  Play >> Mama Sweet Mama .mp3 happy mothers day mothers mama sweet mama am my hearts just got to say mama sweet mama you made this journey possible from your body you gave me mine from your hands a home so fine from [more]

Under The Rainbow

Play >> Under The Rainbow .mp3   right here under the rainbow way down low here’s a land we can make as sweet as a wild rose. /lovers glow. right here under the rainbow smogfree and blue eco dreams that we dare to scheme [more]

Speculator Tax

Play >> Speculator Tax .mp3 an itsy bitsy, you banker cats it's less than point 1 percent, the speculator tax to help the people and our planet we ask please pay the speculator tax stock and currency exchange markets a c(fret 5+EBe) e trade [more]

Hexed With Hals Neurosis

  Play >> Hexed With Hals Neurosis .mp3 In 1987 a lone astronomist discovered a planet with high concentrations of gold buried just under its surface in various locations. This information was kept secret from the public by the Gureid Corp. So the HAL [more]

Home Om : 1 billion kilometers a year we fly ahhh

Play >> Home Om .mp3   home, around the sun she fly-ah om magic waters, rocks and skyah home, 2 million species love the ride-ah /ome archaea protista, bryophytes bacteria tracheophytes parazoa, fungi eumetazoa home, 4 trillion .tons of biota ly-fi D G om [more]

Herbicides Done Made Me Gay

by Susan Werner (song and video) skies of blue and fields of green water full of atrazine hundred acres to explore acres full of alaclore hey hey ho ho mom and dad how could they know ho ho hey hey herbicides done made me [more]

Environmental Parodies

Listen to our environmental parodies via our Environmental Songs page. You'll find our fave environmental parodies mixed in with our originals and other songs on that page. Click here to do a "parodies" search to find even more of our environmental parodies. However, this [more]