XOEArt :: Rep Eco Art for a Different Friend or Wild Animal Everyday


Every day, Dedicate your XOEArt and your Environmental Actions to a different Friend, Animal, Species or Place.

Every day, Celebrate that You are helping keep the Climate Change Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods, Heatwaves and Droughts away from the Friend that you are dedicating your Environmental Actions to.

Realize, that Every environmental action that you take helps push back the Climate Change Monsters where your Friends live, where you live, and where your favorite animals live.

Consider, that your Environmental Actions are helping keep the Climate Change Monsters away so you and your Friends can have More Super Fun times and Less Dark Bummer times.

Know, that Sometimes your environmental actions may even keep a Climate Change Monster from being born at all.

Remember, that even If the friend you dedicated your environmental actions to has been impacted by a Climate Change Monster in the last month, If they are still ok, you can still Celebrate that you have helped make the Hurricane, Wildfire, Flood, Heatwave or Drought that messed with them was a little smaller!

Bravely, encourage Others to take actions and stand against Climate Change Monsters by Wear or Perform your XOEArt in public, or take a pic, or a video, and share it with others via social media or email or phone or in other ways.

Your XOEArt can be::
+ a badge, lanyard or sign that you make and wear that has a climate change call to action on it
+ dedicated to a different friend, animal, specie or place every day [info]
+ wearable eco art with a message
+ as small as a gecko or as big as a zebra

+ attached to your clothing or hat with a binder clip[s] or safety pin[s]
+ a climate change poem or story that you recite or a that person can read
+ a video or live video that shows you wearing or doing that eco art
+ an eco logical song or rap that you do – with or without music
+ a homemade button that is an enviro call to action [more info]
+ a temporary eco tattoo, an XOE tattoo or other eco body art [info]
+ clothing with climate change graffiti [info]
+ a eco video on your laptop or phone that you hold for others to see
+ a climate change modern dance or victory dance
+ a climate change poem or skit that you perform
+ any other public media that calls on climate change action now
+ be used with a daily XOEarth Occupy or Block protest [info]

So put on or do your XOEArt everyday to show your favorite people and animals around the world that you are fighting for them by taking actions that slow down the Climate Change Monsters.

XOEArt Notes

+ Almost every environmental action that you take will reduce the size of a Climate Change Monster somewhere in the world.

+ Sometimes your environmental actions will prevent a Climate Change Monster from even happening.

+ Sometimes your environmental actions will help stop or “slay” an existing Climate Change Monster – Hurricane, Wildfire, Flood, Heatwave or Drought.

+ It’s nice to dedicate your XOEArt to a different person[s] or animal[s] on each of the 365 days of the year.

+ If you want to use the same person or animal on multiple days that’s fine.

+ It’s rad and sweet to make and wear a little card or note with the name of a person, animal or place that is on your XOEList. Showing others that you are dedicating your environmental actions to help protect that person, animal or place from the Climate Change Monsters on that day is cool.

+ If you prefer your XOEArt not be dedicated to a person or animal that’s fine too.

+ Consider keeping some XOEArt with you at all times so you can take a stand for a livable planet wherever you are.

+ To make your XOEArt more fun, get others to join you in repping their daily XOEArt too.

+ Consider having several different kinds of XOEArt to rep – so you can mix it up every day or so.

+ Your XOEArt can also be called an EarthArt, EArt, Hug & Kiss EarthArt, XOXOEArt or XOEArt.

+ The reason we named it an XOEArt is because the person who is using it has made a pledge to give a “hug [X]” and a “kiss [O]” to the “Earth [E]” everyday with their environmental actions and to use their “Art” or talent to show it.



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