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Play these XOEarth Environmental Games to save our sweet+rad+dying planet home.


In the ecofx game, a player does a victory dance when another player [or a friend] takes an environmental action that helps save our biosphere.

The victory dance can be done around the approximate area on the ground that represents the area of habitat saved somewhere in the world by the eco action taken by player.

To play this environmental game, challenge a player to take an environmental action to score an ecofx dance from you!

Once the player has completed the challenge, use these XOEarth ecofx tools to estimate the area of the habitat saved by taking that environmental action.

Then, do the ecofx Dance around that much area on the ground — using your rad victory dance moves — to reward your friends for taking the eco action that helps save that much habitat somewhere.

Optional: You may also want to offer the other player the option to get one of these XOEarth rewards as well. [more info]

Carbon Offset

The XOEarth Carbon Offset Game is played to offset the carbon footprint of your and your friends’ purchases, travel and stuff that makes CO2.

Two or more friends play the XOEarth Carbon Offset Game as a team to reduce the team’s carbon footprint — while also in competition against each other to get the best player score. The goal is to get both your personal carbon footprint and your team’s total carbon footprint as low as possible. Read more about this game on the XOEarth Carbon Offset page.

XOEarth Citizens Accord

The Earth Citizens Accord. is a real-life environmental game [Earth Game].

The XOEarth Citizens Accord is a call to all Earth lovers to stand united in a goal to give 4% or more of their time and/or income back to the planet each month. By scoring 1% or more in each of the 4 dimensions — Team, Art, Logic and Love — every Earth Citizens Accord participant helps empower and unite global ecological movements that are working to protect the planet.

Plus, XOEarth Citizens Accord signers can win music, art, XOEarth Perks and $400 for meeting their goals.

XOEarth Honors

XOEarth Honors is a excellent real-life environmental game that rewards environmental action. Check out this fun eco game at XOEarth.org Honors. Free materials for this Earth Game are available too — including card and board game versions. Lots of fun, fast play, good for years 9 to adult. Membership cards too.

XOEarth Honors teaches players how to use eco money, eco rewards, eco kisses, eco hugs, green games and eco arts to honor friends, customers and others for helping protect our exquisite planet.

To help manifest a world that honors people for helping the planet, and stops rewarding people when they hurt it ::
1/  Give XOEarth Honors to friends and others for taking eco actions and for their eco choices.
Give XOEarth Honors to friends for completing an eco Challenge you have given them.
3/  Create and share your XOEarth ideas, actions and pics via XOEarth Facebook or on your Facebook timeline. more>


XOEarth Logo

XOEarth VOX is a call to all eco creatives to create art, words, song, body art, media and eco actions for a chance to win some cool prizes and up to $444.

Ways to play this XOEarth Environmental Game ::
1/  If you are a songwriter, artist or writer, collaborate with XOEarth or work on your own to create media about crucial eco issues. Everybody gets an equal chance to win the prizes and $4K.
2/  If you are a fan, sponsor one of XOEarth’s eco songs, videos, artistic or media projects that focuses on an eco issue that you care about.
3/  Draw or sew an XO or XOXOe (as the human and the Earth) on your clothing, skin*, belongings or on an XO bracelet to show that you take 1 or more eco actions every day — and to help manifest a bold Team XOEarth.
4/ Help others put on the XO for taking eco actions every day, and for joining Team XOEarth

[ Blue or green pens, markers, paint or embroidery can be used to put the XO on clothing and belongings. On the skin use ballpoint pens as they are non-toxic by law, or eyeliner, or water based pastels.] more>

Green Mass

It takes a specific quantity of plants and creatures in every ECOSYSTEM for it to survive. There is a point where destroying only one pound of the life-forms biomass in an ECOSYSTEM can be the catalyst that results in the destruction of thousands [or even millions] of pounds of plants and animals. One example is that even small amounts of pollution can be the catalyst that destroys an entire ecosystem – just as a small amount of some poisons can kill a human.

A single pound of pollution may therefore result in the injury or destruction of thousands of pounds of nature’s essential BIOMASS. Therefore, for every pound of trash or pollution you consciously do NOT make envision the Ecological Potential {EP} of your environmental choices on your community, its open space, our planet’s life forms and your own life.

Green Hero

The making of a two pound newspaper or a one and a half pound magazine can destroy four pounds of wood and leaves, create 10 grams of pollution, erode one half cup of topsoil and kill numerous innocent forest creatures. And this does not include the timber and paper transportation damage.
When you want a newspaper or magazine, find It Second-Hand and then pass it along or get your information via the net, radio, TV or library. Then, at the end of every month divide the number of days you did not purchase a newsPAPER or magazine by 30. The higher the percentage, the stronger your Ecology Super Hero powers are.

Ecology Super Hero powers can decrease your absorption of pollution, extend your life expectancy, develop your physique, increase your communication with nature and enhance your ability to motivate people. Apply this formula to other environmental actions you take too.

Green Team

In honor of our priceless planet, team-up and play on the teams of the Environmental Organizations in your community and country.
Some of the rewards include:
}1{ You can synergize your talents with some friendly people and those witty ecological-scientists.
}2{ You can experience a closer connection to our planet’s kindred life forms.
}3{ You will extend your life expectancy.
}4{ You can workout, sing and dance at an “enviro-team” field or office project and picnic.
}5{ You will feel ultra-excellent for helping protect billions living things that do not want to die. Get these rewards and more by volunteering or contributing to any of the Environmental Organizations in your area, and join our XOEarth.org projects.

Green Bod

Many health – and environmental – problems are due to small amounts of the thousands of unusual industrial molecules that we are breathing, eating and absorbing through our skin. These molecules are coming from new food packaging, appliances, construction materials, synthetic liquids, hardware items, landfills, incinerators, etc.

However, Reducing and Reusing decreases your contact with these unpredictable chemicals. Therefore, for every pound of material you Reduce or Reuse, you will earn one BOD POP point. The higher your BOD POP score is, the stronger your body and mind will be. Compare your weekly BOD POP score and to how you are feeling. Many BOD POP that you earn will benefit you – and our earth – for the rest of your life. Bonus points: Become an Ecology Super Hero by teaching Reducing and Reusing in your community by using your local media!

Green Opt

On average, for every $30 contribution you make to various environmental organizations, one acre of land or ocean area will be protected.
Therefore – on a wall map of the world or your region – for every $30 contribution (ecological OPTion) you make, put a pushpin anywhere you want to indicate that you have scored an acre of habitat for the potential land or ocean location you have scored by helped protect!

Green Protein

ADD 1 MINUTE to your expected lifetime for every NON-meat meal you decide NOT to eat.

RAINFORESTs help keep us alive by producing oxygen, absorbing greenhouse and toxic gases. They are also crucial to many of our precious migrating birds. Much of the Central American RAINFOREST destruction is due to slash and burn ranching to raise only four generations of Cows. Three square meters of RAINFOREST disappearing to produce one hamburger here.

Green Force

Bio-Forces are the awesome powers and energies that our body and mind create when we live in a healthy environment. Bio-Blasters are manufactured products that can destroy these Bio-Forces. Electrical and fossil-fueled devices, appliances and transportation are Bio-Blasters. They do this by creating unhealthy chemicals that scar our organs and DNA, numb the senses, separate us from nature and stifle our ingenuity. Avoiding an excess of these devices in your life will increase your physical and mental talents and help you generate more Bio-Forces.

Green Clock

For every hour you decide NOT to work for EXCESS money, you will have an extra 1 hour and 20 minutes to recreate and celebrate. The more Money a person makes, the more damaging to the Earth they tend to be. People with lower incomes are by default much more environmentally friendly. In addition, for every hour we work, on average we work another 20 minutes to manage the money we made and/or manage what we buy with the money.

Explore the infinite ways to have a less stressful, extremely fun, ecologically cool life with a small amount of money.!!

Bonus points: When you feel the need to do excess work, team up with us, some other environmental organization or start your own local environmental project.

Green Space

A Nature Preserve reduces air and water pollution, crime, traffic, shopping malls, taxes, noise and much more. A Nature Preserve increases wildlife songs, plant artistry, your physical energy and mental clarity and much, more. Each of these positive effects of a Nature Preserve is called an ECO-DIVIDEND. You can estimate that you will help create about one ECO-DIVIDEND for every $50.00 you give to a community Nature Preserve every year. Bonus Points: Keep track of the ECO-DIVIDENDs the Nature Preserve has provided and present them to your local media, politicians and businesses. [GREEN+DIVIDENDS]

Green Eats

Many pesticides are used only to affect the appearance of food. Synthetic fertilizers-which are often contaminated with heavy metals and are derived from toxic waste – are being used even though there are huge supplies of organic fertilizers going to waste. Meanwhile, these pesticides and synthetic fertilizers destroy billions of beautiful and ecologically important land and water animals every year.
Luckily, each piece of ORGANICALLY GROWN fruit, vegetable or meat you choose will spare the lives of several creatures and reduce pesticides and heavy metals in your body. You will be healthier because you are eating happy food, which will in turn reduce your medical expenses. Therefore, because you will be saving your money and your health and your environment, from now on add 50 cents to your Recreation Budget for Every Pound of ORGANIC food that you choose instead of NON-organic food!

Bonus Points: Start a community garden or window garden to grow some of your own ORGANIC vegetables and fruit.

Green Team

To play on one of many great Green Teams, contact any of the diverse Environmental Organizations that protect water, land and air (and therefore protect our climate) in your region. Some of the bennies you can score if you contribute your talents and/or resources to these environmental teams include:
A] Extend your life by preventing a local or global biome disaster.
B] Experience an ecosophical AH-HA-while guffawing with your Ecological-Sci-Geek friends.
C] Pump-up your Earth-hero muscles and cerebrum at an “enviro-team” field or office project combination party.
D] Feel fabuloso for winning a round of defending billions of living things that are savoring life.

Join Team XOEarth or do web search for “environmental organizations” to find your team.

Green Travel

Wherever you live, the greenhouse gases called Nitric Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide are shortening your life. Both compounds can create corrosive acid rains and form carcinogenic molecules. Nitric Oxide is helping over-heat the earth as an extremely efficient greenhouse gas (many times more effectively than CO2). For every 100 miles driven, an average mid-size car will make 100 grams of Sulfur Dioxide, 25 grams of Nitric Oxide and several pounds of other pollutants. An ECOLOGICAL TRAVELER reduces Nitric Oxide pollution by reducing excess transportation and using alternative modes of transportation – such as public transit, carpooling, bicycling and walking.
As an ECOLOGICAL TRAVELER you can extend your life expectancy because you will be creating and breathing less pollution. Therefore, as an estimate, for two miles you reduce your travel distance OR use an environmental mode of transportation, add one Life Extension Minute to your life. Bonus points: Create a carpool and an executive hitch-hiking service and work at home when possible!

Green Leaf

Every day, a healthy 20 foot TREE removes acid rain from the air, neutralizes pollution in the soil, moderates weather extremes and releases trillions of oxygen molecules. LEAF-LOVERs that go around planting TREEs sometimes become famous Super Green Heroes. These LEAF-LOVERs help protect their community and our world by planting trees and motivating others to plant trees when they are in the news. Bonus Points: Become the one of the famous LEAF-LOVERs and tree ecologists in your region]!!

Green Vote

A community or region with an environmentally conscious government can have thousands of times less pollution than a demographically similar region with a non-environmental government. Every ENVIRONMENTAL VOTER has an effect on the decisions of government and business leaders in our statistically driven society. Each vote is part of a political force that can affect thousands of local and national decisions, policies and laws.
Therefore, for every five EARTH-VOTEs you are responsible for, give yourself credit for one environmental action in government or business that affects your life in a positive way. Bonus points: Create and publicize an EARTH-VOTER award that you give to an environmental business, government official or environmental citizen!!


This XOEarth Environmental Game is played like rock, paper, scissors (r.p.g.) except that the fist (rock) stands for Team, flat hand (paper) stands for Art, and the V fingers (scissors) stands for Logic. A tie stands for Love.

Team, Art, Logic and Love (TALL) are the four basic ways to help protect the planet — as described in the XO Earth pledge.

As in most XOEarth Games, player1 offers to give a player2 a chance to win something as a reward for a specific eco action(s) player2 has taken or agreed to take.

Prizes may be anything player1 wants to offer — such as lunch, a poem, a hand massage, a bicycle or tea.

Similiar to r.p.g., Team wins over (tops) Logic, Logic wins over (lifts) Art, and, Art wins over (assists) Team. A tie stands for Love.

Before the game starts, player1 tells player2 that if they make it through three levels of the game, that they will win a specific thing for taking actions for the planet. Actually, any number of levels may be decided upon, before the game starts.

To start the game, on the count of 4, both player1 and player2 extend out their hands with a Team (fist), Art (flat hand) or Logic (V fingers) on each hand.

Then, to score this first level of play, the left hand of player2 is compared to the right hand of player1. Then, the right hand of player2 is compared to the right hand of the player1. If player2 wins both sides, then the game goes to the second level.

If there is a tie on either side which equals Love, then the two players say something they love about the planet, and then play again. Of course, players can make up other stuff to say or do when there is a tie.

If player2 wins the next level, then the game goes to the third level.

Finally, if player2 wins the third level, player1 gives player2 the prize.

So play TALL a bunch, have a TALL blast and stand TALL Earth lovers!!


By the way, the 4 fingers that each person uses in the game represent Team, Art, Logic and Love — the four basic ways to protect the planet.

T.A.L.L. 2

This XOEarth Environmental Game is played a lot like TALL except that it based on “odds and evens”. It is similar to “rock, paper, scissors” too.

As in most XOEarth Games, player1 offers to give a player2 a chance to win something as a reward for a specific eco action(s) they have taken or agree to take.

Before the game starts, player1 tells player2 that if they make it through three levels of the game, that they will win a specific thing for taking actions for the planet. Actually, any number of levels may be decided upon, before the game starts.

Prizes may be anything player1 wants to offer — such as lunch, a poem, a hand massage, a horse or tea.

The player1 then asks the player2 whether they want to win with odd or even numbers.

To start the game, on the count of 4, both player1 and player2 extend out 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers on each hand.

Then, to score this first level of play, the left hand of player1 is added to the right hand of player2. If the number is “even” and the player2 chose “even” to win before the game started, then person wins those two hands.

Then, the right hand of player1 is added to the right hand of the player2. If the number is “even” again, then and player2 gets to go to the second level.

Finally, if player2 wins the third level, player1 gives player2 the prize. Then say EarthEeeee!!

By the way, the 4 fingers that each person uses in the game represent Team, Art, Logic and Love — the four basic ways to protect the planet.

Green Codes 

To play this environmental game life game, a player wears or puts on a bracelet, tag, necklace, tattoo or a belt that shows how many GreenCodes they have earned. Then they post a picture of it on their Facebook timeline, or some other social network, for a chance to win XOEarth Perks.

Of course, player a guaranteed to win a better, more livable planet Earth.

If a player wants to make a sign with their XOEarth GreenCodes to put in their front window or front yard, that’s great too.

Letting others know that we are making environmental choices in our life, and inviting them to join us in these actions, is a crucial aspect of creating a grassroots enviro media movement to protect our priceless blue and green orb. It is about becoming the part of the fabric of an a grassroots environmental media movement.

GreenCode and GreenSign game flags can be made from a piece of cloth with no pattern and permanent markers. Make a big one flag or sign for your front yard, front window, dashboard and another little one to pin on your clothing. Computer designed signs are fine.

Tiny flags create their own enviro fashion statement when they are pinned on your clothing, are great way to get the word out. Medium sized flags with different messages strung on a single line between a couple of trees in your front yard can also look superb.

Suggested things to write on your flags/signs:
GC+ your favorite enviro-organization’s website (such as the www.natureconservancy.org or sierraclub.org)
GC+ your scores for various GreenGames
GC+ the website address of your own environmental profile, actions and ideas
GC+ the website address of an important environmental petition
GC+ a call to environmental action

Players that get other people to play can make a post about that for another chance to win XOEarth Perks.

Hopefully soon, local businesses will be giving XOEarth Perks to players too.


Green Codes : Legs

GC+ legs mode:: bike and walk
GC+ legs score formula:: all miles walked and/or biked for transportation per month.
GC+ legs brief:: On average, for every mile walked or driven you are saving the life of 6 non-human life forms creatures give yourself The number of mammals and birds killed by being hit by non-human powered transportation vehicles in the US everyday is at least 7 million.
GC+legs buzz:: Post your score on your bike or clothes.

Green Codes : Miles

GC+ mode: conventional travel
GC+ formula: all miles traveled by non-mass transportation per month
GC+ buzz: Travel includes any commuting, work, errands and vacation travel. It will be a tough for most people to get a high score here, good luck. That’s right, even airline miles are included in this formula because whether they are for work or play miles, planes create massive amounts of pollution. Post your score on your bike or clothes.

Green Codes : Invest

For individuals that are a current member of a not-for-profit environmental group/organization, they earn a goodly ENV.O code for their sign. The exemplary E code indicates that an individual is contributing at least one-percent (1%) of their net income to one or more environmental organizations OR is volunteering for an average of one hour per-week for an environmental organization. Check your yellow pages under Enviro Orgs. If an individual contributes more than 2 percent or more of their yearly gross income to one or more environmental organizations they may put the powered-up % symbol on their sign. If the person also wants to put the appropriate numerical percentage on their sign that is great too – such as “2%” or “10%”.

Green Codes : Transport

To qualify for the tasty TRA code an individual must use alternative modes of transportation at least one day a week. 4 out of 7 days of the week AND on average driving of a personal automobile of less than 80 miles a week. For engines that have not had a tune-up in the last year and for older cars that do not have clean running engines the maximum number of miles per week is 20. Alternative modes of transportation include walking, biking, carpooling, busing and other mass transit.

Green Codes : Veg

Those who earn the VEG code get it for eating vegetarian or vegan. Those who are vegan may use the VEGAN code if they prefer.

Green Codes : Vlntr

Those who earn the visionary VLNTR code volunteer for at least 4 hours a week for one of their regional environmental organizations.

Green Codes : Clean

Research on detergents and toxic cleansers is continually discovering more ways that these dangerous chemicals are making us sick and our planet sad. However, the Super Six – vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, vegetable soap and borax – are 2 to 2000 times less dangerous, plus they cost less and they can tackle virtually any cleaning job.

Once you start using lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, salt, vegetable soap and borax, your life may seem to safe for you. Therefore, every time you use one of the Super Six instead of a detergent or toxic cleanser give yourself one XO Thrill or XO Danger Credit. Keep track of your XO Thrill or XO Danger Credits. Then, for every 60 XO Thrill or XO Danger Credits you have earned, reward yourself with 60 minutes of a fun exciting adventure that is a little Dangerous!!

Tell others how you earn your XO Thrill and XO Danger credits by posting them on XO Earth’s Facebook page. [Dangerous can mean physical, mental or spiritual danger. XOEarth is NOT responsible for any injury resulting from an individual’s use of their GREEN THRILL credits.]

Send us your ideas for real life environmental games that we should add here.



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